LLC Amarant

Our brewery is located in the south-west of Moscow region in an ecological clean area. In production we use two methods of brewing, based on years of experience of the Bavarian Brewers: infusion and decoction. All stages of production meet the highest technological, environmental and health requirements of the modern brewing industry.

When cooking fresh beer "Kosouhoff" we used the raw material of the founders of brewing: group malt "A" of leading European manufacturers, the best German hop varieties and Bavarian yeast. Artesian water goes through several degrees of cleaning up and a special treatment to ensure high palatability in the making of beer. At all stages of the production, the equipment used is from leading Austrian manufacturers.

In production process, Beer are not pasteurized, therefore contains all the beneficial properties inherent in present living beer. The only preservative used in this production - COLD.

As a manufacturer, we ensure compliance with all technological processes and continuous quality control of our products. Professionalism and experience of our technology gives you the opportunity to enjoy a truly vibrant and natural taste of the entire range of varieties of live beer "Kosouhoff."

We now live beer, try it!

For more information on wholesale and delivery of live beer, please call: +7(495)992-2929.

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ДИПЛОМ за победу в конкурсе пива "Пшеничное" светлого нефильтрованного
ДИПЛОМ за высокое качество и широкий ассортимент представленной продукции


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